Monday, July 17, 2006

Grandparents are Cool

When my parents were in town last week, I realized once again that I have the best parents in the world (my in-laws are pretty darn cool too, but that's another blog for another day!). I had wanted to buy a new outfit for my baby boy's baby dedication at church, but I hated the idea of shopping with two kids in tow, and I also hated the idea of buying an outfit that will (hopefully!) be much too big by next Summer. So I had decided to just wear something that I already had. But my dear Mama came into town with two different new outfits for me to choose from! She's so thoughtful, and she's always looking out for something that we might like. One of the outfits worked great, and I felt much better in an outfit that really fit me. Of course, she also brought tons of goodies for the kids too! Thanks to her and their other Grandma, my kids' closets could compete with a children's boutique. :) I sure appreciate all of the clothes that they get for the kids. My Mama did all of my laundry during the week that she was here, and she helped with other housework/cooking too. I hope she wasn't too tired after her "working vacation!" My Daddy bought groceries, meals, and treats for us, and he was always willing to walk around with the little guy to try to keep him happy. He was especially good at calming him down when he walked outside with him. The little guy LOVES to be outside, even in the heat. My daughter loves Nonny and Pop so much, and she had been SO excited to see them. She had a great time playing with them. The sad thing is that she now realizes when people are going away, and she got sad when they were about to leave to go home. She kept saying, "I don't want you to go." I wish we could live closer to our families so the visits could be more often. Hopefully one day! Until then, we'll make the most of these visits that we have. The distance certainly keeps you from taking people for granted! We don't always do a lot or go a lot of places when they visit, but I love just BEING with them. It's such a comfort to be with people who have known you so long and know you so well and still love you unconditionally! My parents have always been so good to my sister, brother, and me. Because of the love my parents showed to me, it was never difficult to imagine a loving God. It makes me sad to think that some people can't imagine God loving them because they never felt real love from their parents. I guess this is turning into a good topic for another blog...

By the way, today would be my Granddaddy's 91st birthday. He passed away in 1998, but I still think of him often. I love him very much; I use the present tense here because I still love him and know that I'll be with him in Heaven one day. He was a great grandfather. He took us fishing, rode us around the yard in a trailer behind his lawnmower, built us a big treehouse in his yard, and made me the most wonderful dollhouse that a littl girl could dream of. But most of all, he gave us his unconditional love, and we always knew that we could depend on him for anything that we needed. Thank you, Granddaddy! Happy Birthday!


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