Friday, August 18, 2006

Are Our Schools OK?

I just had to post this link (thanks, Robin, for posting this link on your site!):

I dont' really have the words to comment on it...just read it if you have the time. I'm not sure yet where my kids will go to school, but this article really makes you think. I need to be praying now for guidance!


At 8/18/06, 11:47 AM, Blogger Mississippi Girl said...

Oh I read this, too- DOES make you think!!
Jennifer R.

At 8/18/06, 5:49 PM, Blogger operamama said...

i actually didn't read the article,(silly me) but let me tell you, this is a big worry for me. i teach private voice and my students are like my kids, and they tell me some AWFULISH stuff about what they learn in public school. your kids spend most of their time there is the thing. that's why i am considering homeschool.
oh, and i'm going to read that article tonight. sorry.

At 8/19/06, 7:27 AM, Blogger My Dear Family said...

This is why we are homeschooling. We don't have to worry if our kids are keeping up with the lastest styles, she doesn't want to be my friend, and any other choice language or manners I do not want my children to be around. I prayer is that I am raising to godly young ladies who will be confident in themselves and prepared to face anything in life and to defend their faith and not crumble. Homeschooling allows you to teach what you want, when you want, and how you want. Your child will get to go at their pace, and it a tailored made education for each child and their interests. At home I feel they are getting an education and not a socialization education. Don't get me wrong, we are in the world but not of the world. Everyone is often worried about socialization if you homeschool, but my girls are able to carry on conversations not only with their peers, but adults as well. They do participate in many extracurricular activies outside the home. Being at school at home allows our girls to be around many different ages of people, and not just around people their age like all day at school. I am sorry for going on, but I am just a big fan of homeschool and take very seriously about what God has called our family to do.

At 8/19/06, 12:18 PM, Blogger operamama said...

okay, i just read that article, and to tell you the truth, i am confused about whether to home-school or not. and i am confused about what he is trying to say in the article. there is absolute truth, this is true, but i can't make people believe that. i can say, "yes, there is absolute truth, and it is Christ, but Christ stands at the door and Knocks." i know that i am taking that verse possibly out of context, but i do think that Jesus is a gentleman, and that he doesn't mess with free will. You can stand up for what you believe, but you can't force anyone to believe the way you do. i do believe that it is the socialization of our children however, and i do think that our kids learn virtually nothing accept sex education these days. they definitely don't know the bill of rights and they certainly don't debate the bill of rights. i am sure that some education is really happening in schools, but over-all we score lower than we should. my fear of home-schooling is that i am prolonging the inevitable. eventually, my child will leave my grasp and will see some un-Godly things. If they see them at school and they come home at night and tell me, then i can say, "no, that is not right, and here is why." but, if they only know what they learn at home, being very sheltered, and they leave and see those things when they are older and they don't have me to act as a buffer between them and the world, what will happen? i know that some arguements would say, "by then they will have the bible instilled in them." but, isn't it my job whether they go to school or not to instill the bible in them? we are supposed to be doing that either way.

what does everyone think? feel free to get passionate in your response.

At 8/19/06, 1:48 PM, Blogger Susanne said...

Thanks, Donna, for your comments! I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying homeschooling your girls. I'm sure I'll have some questions for you as I start to think about my oldest starting school in a couple of years.

Operamama, that is the very same debate I have going on in my head right now! I know that I was pretty sheltered growing up, and there were so many things that I didn't see until college. You never know how a kid will handle something until they get there. I want to shelter my kids from some things, but I also want them to get a taste of the world before they're thrust into the world by themselves one day. A lot to think about it! I'd love to hear what more of you guys think!

At 8/19/06, 6:41 PM, Blogger operamama said...

how much can you really shelter them from is the question. we live in society whether we like it or not, though we are seperate we still live in the world. we can't just make our own colony like the omish. have you seen the village? i think that the director was poking fun at christians there possibly.

At 8/19/06, 9:16 PM, Blogger Deb said...

I am a teenage homeschooler, and I probably know as much about my religion as well as my political beliefs as many adults I know. My mother chose to homeschool her children about twenty years ago, when my brother and sister were school age. She had been a public schooled kid, and all her life she had thought it was normal to send her children to public school. Until she heard about some of the very 'new age' things that were going on at the local school district. That made her change her mind.
Homeschooling has given me many, many gifts. My particular talent is writing, and homeschooling has allowed me to study it in detail. It has also provided me with the ability to chose my own world view, which is very, very important to Christians today. My mom purchased a world view curriculum about two years ago, and I've completed it this year. It has provided me with a basis with which to view every situation and every decision I will face for the rest of my life.
Also, homeschooling children are typically better behaved. Being around your parents all the time can help to build an incredible relationship. Also, most homeschooling kids are more able to adapt to certain social environments than publically schooled children, not less. Yes, you will find exceptions to the rule... but in our family, homeschooling worked. I have a respectful but close relationship with my parents, I have a firm understanding of my religion, I have a well rounded education that is tailored to my personal needs and desires, and I will be graduating at the age of seventeen, instead of eighteen (my brother graduated at sixteen, and my sister at fifteen). I can and already have held a steady job, I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do with my life, I have in my brother and sister mentors who can help me through college experiences, and I am a confident, capable young person.
I recommend homeschooling with all of my heart. I've never even considered putting my children in public schools.
Thanks for hearing me out!

At 8/19/06, 10:21 PM, Blogger Susanne said...

Deb, thanks so much for commenting! It means a lot to have the opinion of someone who has been / is homeschooled! You sound like a very intelligent young woman who will go very far in life.

You guys, check out this post on Deb's blog:
Beautifully written, Deb, and I pray that my children will one day feel the same way.

At 8/19/06, 11:44 PM, Blogger operamama said...

deb, you made a believer out of me. i am amazed at how articulate you are at such a young age, and your information was very helpful.

At 8/20/06, 6:47 AM, Blogger Cyndi said...

Well, I'm a homeschooler so that probably tells you whether I agree with the article or not. :) Thanks so much for posting the link. It's very thought-provoking.

At 8/20/06, 11:02 AM, Blogger My Dear Family said...

I was glad to hear from the teenage homeschoolers as well. Our homeschool group had a panel discussion of homeschool graduates and parents, and I was so impressed with those students and how articulate they were and what good experiences they had. Like I said in an earlier post, when you homeschool you find what your kids are passionate about, and you are able to help them pursue what they love and tailor that education to them.

Sues, I can't believe my youngest is starting kindergarten.

At 8/20/06, 12:32 PM, Blogger Susanne said...

I'm sure I'll be praying a LOT about this for the next couple of years. The biggest problem I have with homeschooling is that since I know public schools need help, I hate to not be part of the solution. I hate to think about what state our public schools will be in by the time my grandchildren might attend them if so many of us desert the system. The system needs to be fixed, and I fear that it won't be without people like us standing up and speaking out. However, I don't want my children to suffer in inferior schools just because I want to help the system. Do any of you have these same concerns? I think if you do let your children attend public schools, you have to be VERY involved at the school and get to know their teachers, administrators, and friends. My own mother did a good job of staying involved in our schools. I'd love to hear more comments. I'm learning lots from you guys!

At 8/20/06, 12:33 PM, Blogger Susanne said...

Donna - I can't believe your baby is starting k'garten either!!! It seems like just the other day that you sent me a baby picture of your oldest. :) Time sure does speed by!

At 8/22/06, 12:42 AM, Blogger Reijn of the Elfin Muse said...

i grew up in private school then switched to public school in High school. I've been going public ever since. I have no qualms with anything my parents did for me when i was in grade school. Private school was wonderful, and so was public school. I have alot of friends that were home schooled and eventhough i understand thier parent's decision i don't agree with it because of this one thing: social skills. Most home schooled kids that i have met never were able to develop good social skills with other kids thier own age. That's why I think private school (if can be afforded) is the way to go when dealing with early that strong foundation then after that having a strong ancor (sp) in the home does wonders when a kid is in public school. I loved my experiances in both private and public...and i would not trade either one for the world.


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