Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ebay really does have everything.

You have to read this if you haven't already. Does this story sound familiar to any of you?!

Mississippi, I Still Love You!!!

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I read this article today and I have one thing to say:

I'd rather be fat and happy and live in Mississippi than be skinny and live anywhere else.

I recently spent a week in Mississippi, and it was hard to drive back to Texas. Texas is a great state, don't get me wrong. But it's just not HOME. There's something special about being in a place that was home to both of your parents, all four of your grandparents, all eight of your great-grandparents, etc. Here are some of my favorite things about the great state of Mississippi:

1) The wonderful smell of pine trees (a refreshing change from the pollution smell I have here).
2) No traffic. I shouldn't be posting things like this or more people might move there and ruin a good thing. :)
3) Friendly people. I do so enjoy not having people give me the finger in traffic.
4) Churches everywhere
5) Banana puddin'
6) Pecan pie
7) SWEET TEA!!!!!!! How wonderful it is to be in a restaurant, order "tea," and have the waiter assume that you want sweet tea. Note to waiters outside the Deep South: when a Southerner requests sweet tea, "The sugar is on the table" is not the correct response. Thank goodness we have Chick-fil-A's here. They know how to make some tea.
8) Scenery. I love the thick pine forests and the rolling hills. Driving through Mississippi is so therapeutic for me. I have to get a fix at least every few months.
9) My alma mater, Mississippi State University - GO DAWGS!!!!
10) Last, but not least, my family. I love being around my family, and I miss them so much.

So everyone else in the country can count calories and eat their tofu and spinach. I'd rather be eating Joann's banana pudding, my Granny's dressing, my Grandma's french fries, or Little Dooey's BBQ (pork, of course....this beef brisket here is blasphemy!)!

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