Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Faith of My Fathers

I just finished reading John McCain's book Faith of My Fathers, and I highly recommend reading it before this year's election. Some of the book is about his father and grandfather, but what I was mostly interested in was the part about McCain's background. I had heard that he was a POW during Vietnam, but nothing could have prepared me for what he and the other POWs went through. He's not a perfect person, but as far as I'm concerned he's what this country needs right now. If our boys are going to be fighting a war(s), then I want the Commander in Chief to be a man who has served in the armed forces. McCain's love for the United State of America shines throughout the book. Whatever else he may be, McCain is a true patriot, and he'll have my vote come November.

To see the opposite of integity, check out this link.


At 7/30/08, 1:00 PM, Anonymous Nathalie said...

I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.

I checked out the YouTube clip and wasn’t at all surprised to find that it was sponsored by McCain’s campaign. If you take enough footage and edit it, you can portray just about anything you want (true or not)…which is why I have such a problem with politicians and the media in general.

I don’t think it showed that Obama has a lack of integrity…it did show his increasing frustration to a situation that needs to get resolved with every year that passes.

It would be like me endorsing a project at work FOUR YEARS AGO thinking that the approach that is being taken is the right one and then seeing it progressively siphon revenues and not returning an ROI – at which point (four years later) I most certainly would speak up and oppose the project. Does it mean that I lack integrity or does it mean that I have the ability to recognize when we are off course and reverse my endorsement accordingly?

I guess all I can say is beware of the spin doctors.

At 7/31/08, 5:44 AM, Blogger Susanne said...

Spin doctors are one thing...lying is another. I'm used to candidates flip-flopping/changing their minds. What I hate to hear is a candidate say, "I never said that," and then go back to a clip to hear them say that very thing. I don't believe Obama's memory is that bad. If it is, then he doesn't have a good enough memory to be President. I would have much more respect for a guy who admitted that he said something, and then explained to us why he said it. But you're right...we can agree to disagree...that's what blogs are for! :) If we all believed the same things, then the world would be pretty darn boring. I vent a lot through my blog, and I'm sure I'll do much more venting before the election, but I know I won't persuade any voter to change sides. Conservatives will vote Republican, and Liberals will vote Democrat. That's the way it is these days. The Republican candidate would have to be pretty nasty indeed for me to vote for a Democrat. My beliefs are just too conservative. I want conservative judges appointed. I want us to finish the job in the Middle East (defeat the terrorists) so that my little boy won't have to go finish the job 20 years from now. I don't want our school to be able to spread a liberal (or any) agenda. I want us to start drilling for more oil in our own country so that we won't have to depend so much on foreign oil. I want to stop the killing of unborn babies, at least in the third trimester. Any guy who will at least try to get those things done will get my vote.

At 8/1/08, 8:02 AM, Anonymous nathalie said...

See, we do agree on something! :) I am grateful we live in a country where we can all express our different perspectives without the fear of persecution. Some of my best friends are conservatives…it just means we have to agree to disagree and appreciate each other for being strong enough in our individual convictions. I do have a lot of respect for you and the fact that you are able to express yourself so confidently…even if I see the world through a different lens. ;)


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